A girl who hugged the stars….

“Where words fail,Music speaks…”
-Hans Christian Andersen-


The Beauty in the stars is that it can only be seen..

But, we have all wished or dreamt of a tiny second where we are touching the stars and giving it a hug for being with us during the most distressed times…
Certain years ago, I came across a school for the deaf and dumb children located near tirupur..When I got to know and play with them, I have dreamt of a second where they were able to hear and feel the music that has been there for most of us in each and every step of our lives..
As of till now, all the wonderful words that I have heard, has come from those children..Even when it wasn’t filled with sound, it was the most elegant of all…
When I came across Mandy Harvey two days ago, I got to know about the project that is taking place in Nevada, Las Vegas called Music : Not Impossible..The project tends to bring the same experience when we go to a concert to the deaf and dumb people as well, through the wireless devices that is attached to them which recieves the vibrations from the music played in the surrounding..Helping them to go through the same Euphoria…
When I further read about it, I got to know that she is been working with Avnet to make this first piece of their concert into a success..However small it may be, but I dreamt of a tiny bit of a time, where I was hugging the stars that had made my wish come true..To make those children feel what I had felt, we had felt in our lives, would be something bigger than amazing…
Although this has happened now, I wanted to share with you all, how a girl paved the way to the stars from the ground..So that, each and every child that goes through the pain of a hearing disability, doesn’t find it harder to feel what she or he deserves in their life..
A girl from her childhood, who is pulled away by the sound of a voice, by the sound of a Music, aspires to become a singer in her life..She learns music, trains continuously with her heart.. One day,she goes through a piano test where we have to listen to the piano and write down the music.
With a pencil in her hand, she is waiting for the music to play..The Piano is played, everyone starts writing and her pencil doesn’t move..Everyone completes the test and leaves..She, with her head down sits there quietly, that’s when she realises, she has lost her hearing due to nerve deterioration..Tears flow down her eyes, dropping to the pencil, sliding to the paper into the musical bars..
After a while, with the help of her dad, she learns an instrument called Ukulele with the help of a pitch tuner attached to it, so that she can know the pitch of her voice matching the Ukulele while singing..She rebuilds herself..She gets to know a different  her, who is much more beautiful and full of liveliness..She writes her own music, writes her own song, performs shows for everyone…
When asked how is she able to play music and sing eventhough she can’t hear what she is playing..She says, Music isn’t about what you hear, it’s about what you feel inside of you..I had hope and I knew that something beautiful was gonna come and eventhough, I am not able to hear what I sing, I know that it’s beautiful and it makes everyone happy..What else is there than making someone happy..It is what this Universe is made of..And I love the fact that I get to be the one to do this…..
The Girl is Mandy Harvey..Music is the silence between the two notes and I could only see her as the silence between the notes that offers music to the world eventhough it is never heard….
For that one tiny moment while my dream lasted, where I was hugging the stars..I pictured myself going to the same school where, Mandy Harvey herself is singing to those children..And the children get to live a moment that they have never experienced before..And I am sure dream of it, coming true soon….
One way or the other,these words are to the people all around the world who continue to believe in a voice,who continue to believe in music and feel that the true spirit of this Universe exists within them.

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