About Cuckoo

Forgive my grimy hands. I’m just back from the forest.

There is a stream there.

On its banks is a rock that’s shaped like an elephant.

I was sitting on it with my friends all morning.

We played a lot of games.

We made animals and birds with clay from the bank and released them into the forest.

We drew clouds on the ground using red earth, we also drew the sun.

We wrote a story in which the moon goes for a swim one night.

We collected seeds which we will plant near our homes.
We read a book under a tree when it drizzled.

And when the sun came out we danced for a song we wrote.

We then…oh my, we’re late.

The seeds! We have to plant them right away.

See those grey clouds floating towards us?

They hold precious water drops that will give life to the seeds.

We have to go now, there’s so much to do.

No, wait, do you want to come along?