Not only the thirsty seek the water, the water as well seeks the thirsty  - Rumi

We believe you are reading this page at this point of time not by just chance or coincidence , but through the play of a larger cosmic relationship which binds all of us together.


'Cuckoo Movement for Children' was initiated by a group of friends and volunteers who have been working with rural children of Tamil Nadu in south India since 2004. We began with establishing libraries and nurseries in villages across the state.

Slowly we started partnering with local schools to introduce the kids to traditional folk arts, music, martial arts, theater, organic farming, engaging them in exciting discussions on socio-political and environmental issues, movie projections, etc. A piece of land was bought with help of volunteers, for all these varied activities to come together at one place called - Cuckoo Forest School.



We had met with Arvind Gupta in 2017 and told him about the idea of the school.
He listened to our ideas patiently and asked us how many Government schools are there around your school and how many students study there. We replied saying there should be at least 1000 children studying in these government school. Then he asked us if we wanted to make a difference in life of small bunch of children or to a larger one.

From then on, ‘Cuckoo’ reaffirmed that it should be a movement.
A movement that can be for all the children across the globe.


Geeta ma, 93 years old ,founder of three schools based on the principle of Naitalim was bedridden in the hospital when we met her in August 2019.To her definition of Naitalim and learning is this : "One cannot define Naitalim. Accumulation of experiences from cradle to grave is the learning process", she smiled.

There are no rules and regulations here about what items of knowledge should be included in syllabus and what should not be. All kinds of knowledge may come in under one condition - a condition that challenges us  -'Those who teach should become children and those learn should become adult'. If  the teacher does not become a child, he/she is not teaching, and if the child does not grow up he is not learning.

When children look only at the word, and not at the reality, their 'knowledge' is a delusion.The child will be given the knowledge that is needed to satisfy the demands of his life. Given the knowledge that is needed today; children will become capable of learning whatever he/she will need in the future.



Cuckoo belongs to the ice cream vendor who comes to the village in his old bicycle. Once during the construction of school, seeing the effort taken by volunteers, he gave everything in his pocket. With teary eyes he said 'This is my small contribution and all that I have and I can'.  Similarly Cuckoo belongs to many anonymous souls who have helped by sacrificing their needs. Cuckoo does not belong to anyone or any particular organisation in particular.

Cuckoo belongs to you, to me and to everyone.

Construction of school campus started in 2015; designed, funded and executed by Volunteers , entirely handmade with earth and locally available materials and has been progressing at snail's phase due to lack of funds. We intend to commence full-fledged functioning of the school by April 2020,by which time the infrastructure of the campus has to be completed.



Till now, Cuckoo has relied only upon individual voluntary funding, given by reducing one's needs. We hope this fundraiser will act as a platform for most who know about cuckoo and want to make a small contribution, to receive everyone's wishes and prayers consistently. Cuckoo strongly values even a rupee given by a person by reducing his needs. It helps harness the power of the crowd and word of mouth when people share the campaign with their networks.

The land is home to several children, adults and animals in need of a place they can call their own. Land embodies a truth that is explicit to anyone who is open to receive
and accept.



A beautiful place in the lap of nature, with the only barrier separating the land of the school and the forest being an elephant trench.


Located at the foothills of Javadhi mountain range, in Tamilnadu South India, near the sacred town of Thiruvannamalai.


By Bus

Bus route - Tiruvannamalai to Bangalore

Bus Stop - Singarapettai

Auto Driver 1 - Siva (Mobile - 9751345690)
Auto Driver 1 - Basha (Mobile - 9629334306)

By Car


Google maps shows a walking trail, which is non motorable.

When you reach Singarapettai. Please ask for Puliyanoor village.


Cuckoo has been a completely volunteer based movement till now. We have had volunteers from different parts of country for varied activities. This time period of volunteering is crucial phase in journey of Cuckoo as we are commencing the school formally from April 2020. With understanding that we know and have nothing, we are taking a huge faith of leap ( as we have always ! ) .

Seeking volunteers

to support us in the leap,
to get their hands dirty,
to water the plants,
to create magic,
to star gaze,
to listen,
to smile,
to cry,
to be.

‘ What any land needs at end of all intellectual discussion is only lay(wo)men, who can surrender oneself and work.'
- A Mystic

We need volunteers who can spend their time, for free flow of basic daily activities in the school.There is no one particular type of activity. You can connect yourself to any activity depending on your day of arrival like cleaning,gardening,maintenance, construction, carpentry and so on...

Volunteering Is open at any date of your convenience. All other details would be mailed upon registration.

If you think, you can volunteer for any of the above mentioned activities,
please do fill the Google Form in the link below: